What do we do

Wherever there is an entrance hall, repaired or not, find placing our brilliant custom doormats that perform the dual action cleaning and advertising for shops, restaurants, banks, shopping centers, housing and offices.

For all categories of hotels, to lobby in general, stairs corridors and conference rooms can be soft and elegant carpets cutlery also customized with marks or totally unpublished drawings and personal, of contract floor service, installation, designing and servicing jobs

For big-traffic facilities like cinemas, bingo, game rooms and offices are recommended high-strength self-laying carpet to individual and interchangeable plates

soundproofing service environments such as nightclubs, recording studios, theaters, cinemas and auditorium with felt and sponge absorbing wall, even personalized with new and personal designs

For hospitals, medical facilities, gyms, schools and public bodies can be laid classic linoleum flooring and PVC with different technical characteristics and design, safe and sanitation recognized by the various European health departments. These products can be customized with high-precision and safety inlays

For housing are available parquet and carpet suitable for domestic use


Fornitura Linoleum, Posa in Opera Linoleum, Pavimenti Gomma

The phases of our work

With us you will be taken along the path of work: the idea of ​​starting the installation at your site.
C reate the image and creativity; Not the common ones, but the ones that end up under our feet. We are the industry’s leading company in southern Italy. In one large company you can find services, assistance and advice for everything related to the visual merchandising. Offers service sites of installation, design of interventions and “creative consulting” service that will take the start at the end of each work phase, the preview for both graphic of a simple rug that for popular productions of our hotels, , offices and exhibition stands. For Creative Window Dressing like a piece of furniture, and security of your inputs with custom written adhesive vinyl and three-dimensional products, protective and decorative films for glass applications in general, graphics and realization shopper brands.

D esign with you the best solution to your needs, we specialize in business areas such as: Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Shopping Malls, and much more …

D evelop manufacture custom rugs and not environmentally friendly, synthetic materials, draining, anti-slip and outdoor, modular and high technological quality, in different thicknesses and colors compattezze, recesses achievements by lodging carpets, more ‘an infinite ‘accessories and security systems.

[Dropcap]P[/dropcap] ose supply and installation of floor coverings such as carpet comfort and bulk traffic, contract floor service for hotels, even custom wall mats, runners, runners and brass fittings, PVC flooring, rubber, linoleum, parquet, all fully customizable with your own brands.